digital design

DD is design to bring to students the integrated body of knowledge of technology, artistic work, and system design. The program starts with simple theories, aiming to provide the students with adequate and easy-to-understand foundation, and it will eventually advance to the more complex principles to enhance the students’ abilities to create larger projects. 



This is an academical program that integrates theory of knowledge in computer science, computer graphics, mathematics, physics and the arts to develop new software , simulation programs and various creative work such as animations and games. But the application of this is endless, you could apply algorithms to basically almost anything on this Earth and beyond.



DD &DT is a joint effort to develop academic programs by the leading Thai Digital content industry, represented by the Digital Innovative Design And Technology Center (DIDTC), King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi and DigiPen Institute of Technology, USA. Both programs focus on producing qualified graduates in the digital content field for the ever growing market both in Asia and Worldwide.